How popular is sports betting in the U.S.?


Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

Sports betting has been around for thousands of years — for several hundred years, the only legal way to place a bet was the circus or the chariot races in Rome. Roman emperors often enjoyed gambling, with Augustus in particular frequently partaking in gambling activities.

Nowadays, betting is a widely popular process around the globe. Some countries (the United Kingdom, for example) have a rich tradition of betting, and the practice of sports betting holds an important place in the country365彩票官网’s culture. Looking at the U.S., we see that the country365彩票官网 is 365彩票 to a well-developed sports betting industry.

According to a survey published at in 2017, about 29 percent of the respondents said that they occasionally place a bet on a sports event. Only 4 percent of respondents regularly placed bets on sporting events. About 13 percent of the surveyed respondents said that they only once tried to place a bet, while 11 percent had never tried to place a bet but would like to try it. The largest number of respondents (42 percent) had never placed a sports bet and did not want to try in the future.


What about the sports for Americans to bet on? Football took first place not only in the U.S. but across the globe. In 2017, about 77 percent of the surveyed respondents said that they made bets on football in the past. Basketball, which is also very popular in the country365彩票官网, took second place with 24 percent of people placing bets on it in the past. Twenty percent of respondents previously bet on horse racing, while 17 percent and 9 percent of people bet on baseball and soccer (respectively) in 2017.


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